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Celebrating individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the business world after the age of 60.


The creation of the "60 Over 60" list is a response to challenge age-related stereotypes and showcase the valuable contributions made by individuals who start successful businesses later in life. The underlying reason for establishing this list is to challenge a statement that suggests a person under 30 is not considered valuable to a company.

Historically, there has been a prevailing bias in some industries that associates youth with innovation, adaptability, and fresh ideas, often overlooking the wealth of experience, wisdom, and resilience that can come with age. This bias can contribute to ageism, a form of discrimination based on age, where older individuals may face challenges in the workplace, particularly when it comes to starting new ventures.

The "60 Over 60" list aims to challenge and overturn these stereotypes by highlighting individuals who have defied conventional expectations. It showcases that starting a successful business and making significant contributions to various industries is not limited to a specific age group. The list celebrates the achievements of entrepreneurs who have demonstrated that age is not a barrier to innovation, leadership, and success.

By recognizing and honoring individuals over the age of 60 who have made substantial impacts in the business world, the list promotes diversity and inclusivity, fostering an environment where talent, regardless of age, is acknowledged and valued. It sends a powerful message that individuals at any stage of their professional journey can bring unique perspectives, skills, and accomplishments to the forefront.

In essence, the "60 Over 60" list serves as a counter-narrative to age-related biases, emphasizing the importance of diversity in all its forms and encouraging a more inclusive understanding of success in the business world.

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60 Over 60 List

60 Over 60
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Explore the stories of these inspiring entrepreneurs, their work experience, educational background, and philanthropic endeavors.


This expanded set of criteria ensures a comprehensive evaluation of individuals who have not only achieved success in business but have also demonstrated a commitment to education, philanthropy, and societal well-being.

A deceased individual would be considered, if they met the criteria during their lifetime.


The selection of judges for the "60 Over 60" list can greatly influence the credibility and fairness of the process. Here are some potential categories of judges and the qualities they might possess:

It's important to have a diverse panel of judges to ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation process. Additionally, transparency in the selection criteria and process can enhance the credibility of the "60 Over 60" list.

  1. Industry Experts:
    - Individuals with extensive experience and expertise in the relevant industries of the applicants.
    - Professionals who can evaluate the impact, innovation, and success within specific sectors.
  2. Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders:
    - Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who have a proven track record of building and managing successful ventures.
    - Those who understand the challenges and achievements associated with starting and growing a business.
  3. Academics and Educators:
    - Experts in business education and research who can evaluate the academic and strategic aspects of the applicants.
    - Professors or researchers with a deep understanding of industry trends and challenges.
  4. Philanthropy and Social Impact Specialists:
    - Individuals with experience in philanthropy, community development, and social impact.
    - Those who can assess the applicants' contributions to society beyond their business success.
  5. Investors and Financial Experts:
    - Professionals with a background in finance and investment who can evaluate the financial performance and sustainability of the businesses.
    - Investors who understand the economic viability and growth potential of ventures.
  6. Journalists and Media Professionals:
    - Individuals from the business journalism and media industry who can provide an unbiased perspective on the applicants.
    - Those who can communicate the stories and achievements of the selected individuals effectively.
  7. Public Figures and Influencers:
    - Respected public figures, influencers, or celebrities with an interest in business and entrepreneurship.
    - Those who can bring attention to the list and contribute to its credibility.
  8. Diversity and Inclusion Advocates:
    - Individuals who champion diversity and inclusion in the business world.
    - Those who can ensure a fair representation of applicants from various backgrounds.
  9. Previous List Honorees:
    - Individuals who were previously recognized on similar lists for their achievements.
    - Those who can provide unique insights and understand the challenges and successes of starting a business later in life.
  10. Members of Professional Organizations:
    - Representatives from relevant professional organizations or associations related to the industries of the applicants.
    - Those who can bring a collective and industry-specific perspective to the judging process.


60 Over 60
A recognition list celebrating individuals who have achieved success in business after the age of 60.
Entrepreneurial Success
Demonstrated achievement in founding and managing a successful business venture.
Innovation and Creativity
The introduction of original ideas, products, or business models that contribute to industry advancement.
The practice of actively promoting the welfare of others, often through charitable contributions and community service.
Industry Leadership
Assuming influential roles within industry organizations or professional associations, demonstrating leadership qualities.
Social Responsibility
The commitment to ethical business practices and contributing positively to society beyond profit-making.
Work Experience
The cumulative professional background and expertise gained through employment and career activities.
The formal and informal learning experiences contributing to an individual's knowledge and skills.
Business Start Date
The date the business was registered with the US State Secretary of State initial filing, since SOS records, like the blockchain are immutable.


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